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Throne of Tutankhamun

IKEA launched a campaign in Egypt with clever ads

IKEA // Egypt Launch Campaign

Was thrilled to have been told that IKEA, the legendary Swedish home retailer, was opening soon in Egypt. The brief from MI7 Cairo creative director at the time André Segone was straight forward; give IKEA a great launch visual that matches the significance of the even! 

Following an in depth creative brainstorming and research into IKEA’s brand core and how to connect this the big Egypt’s launch, a few ideas were generated that addressed the brief from various angels. the master campaign visual presented in this case was the final selected and approval concept. The concept aimed at capturing and highlight on one core aspect of the IKEA’s brand, that is Modularity and connected that with various Egyptian “Significant”  artifacts to match the excitement of the message.

The three ad series features the Throne of Tutankhamun, the Qasr Elnil Lion, and the Sphinx in dismantled forms with step-by-step instruction on how to assemble them.

The campaign’s visual shouted “IKEA IS COMING TO EGPYT” followed by the IKEA logo. Check the ads below

Throne of Tutankhamun

Throne of Tutankhamun

Qasr El nil Lion

Qasr Elnil Lion


Witty idea and art direction give a fresh perspective on the campaign IKEA launched in Egypt.

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