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Frequently asked questions

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The moment you subscribed to our service, there will be a dedicated designer assign to handle your project that has full commitment in making best artwork possible to fit with your needs.

That means we have a designer that dedicate to answer you for every question that you are curious during the design process.

You own all graphics and files we create during any month paid in full / Free trial period. You will provide all content/copy to be used in our designs. You agree that any materials provided are proofed and approved to be used in your designs and are not owned or trademarked by a different entity. You are responsible that any materials provided can be legally used in our designs. We are not liable for the materials you provide as it pertains to license or trademark issues and you represent to Zooms Design that all materials provided do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties.

The standard turn-around duration of each design task is 1-3 days depend on the complixity of the task. For turn-around duration of each task you can get more information via this link.

Absolutely yes, You can request as many artworks as you wish. However, we will do your artwork by the task order that you are prioritizing. We will process the work by the plan subscription that you have subscribed to. Regardless of that, we still recommend for you to put as many artworks as you can, because the faster you drop the artwork for us, the quicker you can get your artwork back.

No limitation restricted for revision time! We aim to serve you the best service a graphic design company could have and make sure that you feel satisfied. You can make any suggestions, comments, changes as you wish when the first draft is delivered. However, you must consider that, the quicker the artworks is approved, the more artworks you can get.

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