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The advantage of digital advertising on small businesses

The advantage of digital advertising on small businesses

The Internet has been more and more accessible for everyone. There are 4.95 billion users daily scrolling endlessly on this digital platform. 


With so many people on the internet, it has never been this easy to utilize the platform for a marketing campaign. Digital marketing has gotten cheaper, approachable and targeting the right audience is much easier. 


This allows small/start up business owners to not be so worrisome about their budget on their next marketing plan. 


In this article we will break down the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing strategies. Why has virtually everyone switched to it? Is it really that effective? 

What is Digital Advertising?

A quick google search will give you this results: “Digital Marketing is the component of marketing that uses internet and online based technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote their product and services”. 


This is contrary to traditional marketing, which uses platforms like Television, radio, news paper, billboard, etc. It costs a lot more than digital marketing and is far less effective. 

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

Cost effective

cost effective

Start-up business owners don’t have much cash to splash on a fancy billboard or hundreds to thousands of dollars just to get a shout out on a radio station or T.V, it’s just not financially appropriate, unnecessary and such a burden to think about! Instead they are going to look for a cheaper alternative whilst also staying effective. Digital advertisement does just that, It provides promising results at a low cost. 


Just a few dollars from your pocket change, you can list your business on your internet and get a better result than a traditional method would. You can see why plenty of start-ups are doing it. 

Real Time Analytics/Insights

You can virtually track anything about your marketing campaign. See how well it is doing! You can see impressions, clicks, page viewership, demography, conversion, sales and more.  With this type of information, it allows you to make better choices and decisions on your next marketing project. 


Spend less on what isn’t working and scale up on the ones with the highest ROI (return in investment).

Global/Local Reach

Global reach

The internet is endless, It has no boundary. Along with the right marketing skills your small business can expand to a bigger one. You can turn your little business into a global sensation. As mentioned above, the internet is massive, It is digitized, your ads can virtually reach any part of the world. 


This gives small start-ups a chance to gain a lot of exposure via global digitization. It helps you target the right consumer.

User Friendly (DIY-able)

It is to be advised that you should always hire a professional marketing team to handle this jobs. But if you are tight on budget, take your time, maybe a couple days to study on a specific platform or type of ads you want  to run. It isn’t that hard to run these campaigns by yourself but if your competitors are hiring a professional team to do it for them, you may consider doing so as well. 


Bottom line is that digital advertisement isn’t something complicated, you can always DIY it. 

Conversion Rates

Conversion rate

A conversion rate is a percentage of people that are recorded to complete the desired action. Conversion rates are crucial to compare and contrast the performance of your ads that were listed up. You can see how many percent of people that actually click on your ads. 


Furthermore, by allowing you to laser target your clients online, you will be able to attract more focused visitors to your website that are more likely to be interested in your products and services.

Do more with less

Do more with less Digital marketing

Another great advantage with digital marketing is that it doesn’t take much time to create a campaign. It takes little to less time. This allows you to focus on what’s more important. 


Moreover it does not take 

a full team to run the ads and it doesn’t require you to sit and manage it with a watchful eye, you’ve essentially created an automated lead and let it sit on auto pilot.


Digital marketing is very flexible. There is no limit. 


You can create as many marketing campaigns as you want, whether it is spending a lot on a single campaign or spending little on many campaigns, it is your decision. If it doesn’t work you can always stop the ad to further avoid more loss. 


There are different platforms, markets, websites and social media. Choose what’s best for you.

Acquire targeted customer

Acquire targeted

The main focus of any business is to accomplish their marketing goals, reach the right audience and generate more sales. And Digital advertising does just that, you can easily reach out to the right targeted audience. 


Especially in the fresh stage of your business, You can’t be wasting all your budget on the wrong market. Rather take your time and study about your audience and market.


Main Take Away 

Digital marketing has proven that it is the right method for small/start-up businesses. It has helped many to grow. More and more businesses have switched to the digital world to expand their business and generate more with their marketing campaign. 


It is recommended that you should take time to learn about it first before jumping into the world. It saves you money so you don’t have to hire an entire marketing agency and destroy your pocket.


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