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Why good packaging design matters for your brand

Remember the last time you bought something from ebay and it had crappy packaging? If you’re lucky the product that you bought may survive, if not then well too bad but the point is do you remember the package? Probably not. Sure, maybe all you care about is what is inside and you don’t have to pay extra. But the fact is that you might not remember the experience or anything really from the brand.  This happens for a few reason:


  • Your product was cheap 

  • The seller doesn’t make much profit margin

  • Or the seller just doesn’t really care at all 

Why is good packaging design so important?

Companies are aware that they need good product packaging for their product to impress their consumer and to further elevate their unboxing experience.


Whether you are buying the product from the store or online, packaging is the first thing that they see, so you gotta make a lasting experience for them. It will further reflect the product and their impression on the brand. 


Many brands often overlook their packaging opting to go for cheap and fast options for the package and save a few bucks on that. They frequently ignore what impact good packaging can do for the brand reputation. 

Here why good packaging matters:

Sustainability and Reusability 

image by Salih Küçükağa

Brands should start to consider that often people will keep the packaging that is good looking and reusable, especially the ones that are slightly more luxurious. This means that it could increase the life cycle of the package and ultimately save the environment with less waste to throw away. 


In today’s world, people care about their carbon footprint more than ever before and when it comes to the product packaging they need them to be very sustainable and reusable. Many are aware of how much damage it could do to the environment. 


Although packaging might be attractive, if it is not reusable or eco-friendly, buyers may not return to the brand for that reason. As a result, it is critical for firms to evaluate the sort of packaging they wish to design in order to ensure a sustainable future.

The unboxing experience

The unboxing experience is one of the most underrated ways to connect and build relationships with your audience.  It’s all about the experience you created for the customer opening and using the product for the first time. 

If you’re planning to do influencer marketing, this is a crucial step to get the most out of your influencer. Make sure to make them go “wow” when they first open the package and give them a lasting impression of your product. Be at your most creative and create a fun, well branded for your package as it adds value to your brand. 

Everyone loves a personal touch. When served to the customer, it encourages them to go on social media or in person and boast about your brand. That’s free marketing!

image by Russell Fox

It’s another form of marketing

As mentioned above your packaging can be another form of marketing. It’s a great way to get your brand out there, It’s almost like a visual message telling your customer that they chose the right brand for the product. 


Identify yourself, what are your messages? What are your unique features? Any esthetic? Ensure that you have those on your package. When your customer buys your product, they are reminded of why they chose you. It will remind them of why your brand is special  than your competitor.

Stand out from the crowd

Ensure that your product isn’t just about the product, immerse the experience with quality packaging that gives them an indelible experience. 

An initial impression influences how we humans see almost everything. For example, a strong first handshake with someone will very certainly influence your overall perception of them. And your product packaging is the first greeting, the first handshake that says “hey, nice to meet you.” Not only is your packaging the sole aspect of your brand that reaches 100% of its clients, but it is also the first time your customers come into physical touch with your brand.

Create something that people will remember and want to select you for – not just because of your items, but also because of your packaging.

image by Pixeden

Caring about your customer product

A good package can show that you care about your customer and  their experience and not just take their product. You must make sure that you can get their product across to them without any damage or wasting any material as it will give them a bad experience when opening your package.


As a company, you will want to save money and space, and one method to do so is through clever product packaging. If the package is huge, bulky, and difficult to store, it might slow down the manufacturing and delivery process.


Having packaging that is easy to store and doesn’t take up too much space in warehouses may make a big difference, saving you a lot of time and money – which can have a big influence on your business.

Want to work with us?

Zooms design is open to work with any industry. If you’d like to find out more about how we can deliver a good, sustainable and affordable packaging design for your next product, Learn more about us.

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