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Xiaomi show redesigned logo

Xiaomi Unveils New “Alive” branding identity

Global technology leader Xiaomi today announced a refreshed new corporate with visual identity, fusing oriental philosophy with the design concept of “Alive”. The new branding aims of further strengthen Xiaomi’s foothold in the premium market, while raising brand awareness with its audience through its new dynamic logo. 

Design by Kenya HARA

Xiaomi’s brand new logo was designed by a world-renowned designer, professor of Musashino Art University and the President of the Nippon Design Center (NDC), Kenya HARA. Adopting a softer, rounder contour on the corners of the previously squared logo, along with redesigned “MI” typography, the new logo is now more aesthetically pleasing. Corporate  color remains orange to continue to convey the liveliness and youthfulness of Xiaomi. Black and silver will also be used as supplemental colors to accommodate high-end product line applications. So, if you are feeling dead inside considering the many dollars of labor that went into circling the square of Xiaomi’s logo: That’s disrespectful to its brand identity. 

Kenya HARA

Kenya HARA used the “superellipse”  mathematical formula when designing the logo of Xiaomi. While there are infinite options between a square and a perfect circle, the designer achieved a visually optimal dynamic balance by adjusting the variables in the formula. Using n=3 struck the perfect balance between a square and a circle, epitomizing the core aspect of “Alive”, resulting in the brand new Xiaomi logo we see now. Compared with a right-angled object, a circle is a shape that is more agile, which is the perfect representation of Xiaomi’s flexibility, relentlessness and its will to move forward.

About Xiaomi

Xiaomi ranked 3rd globally in terms of smartphone shipments within the fourth quarter of 2020. The Brand has established the world’s leading customer AIOT platform, with approximately 324.8 Million gadgets connected to the said platform, even without including smartphones and laptops.

Xiaomi products are present in additional than 100 countries and regions around the world. The brand made it to the Fortune Global 500 list for the second time in August 2020, with 422nd rank, improving its place by at least 46 ranks when compared to the 2019 list. It also ranked 7th among internet companies.

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